About GMOs

Why is our company sensitive to GMO ingredients?

We are talking about glyphosate, a herbicide produced by Monsanto. The use of glyphosate makes it easy to remove all weeds from the soil.

However, crops planted with Monsanto seeds can survive. Controversy continues that glyphosate is a large factor to the development of cancer. However, in 2019, the US court filed a claim for damages against an elderly couple in their 70’s who had developed cancer using “Roundup”, an herbicide made from this glyphosate as a raw material. Still, it is difficult to prove that herbicides are the direct cause of cancer in Asia.

On the other hand, some consumers say “Then why can’t we use eco-friendly domestic vegetables? Relatively, a significant part of Asian and American soils are contaminated with glyphosate, and moreover, we cannot make the products we want with crops produced in soils that use nitrogen fertilizers excessively. The number of people suffering from cancer or serious diseases continue to increase over years of time.

What should we do at this time? The conclusion is surprisingly simple. In other words, do not eat foods made with GMO ingredients. What if vegetables consumed every day for health could actually increase the likeliness of developing cancer and other diseases? Our company only uses Non-GMO and GMO-free ingredients. Nevertheless, if there is a concern about cross contamination during the manufacturing process when each manufacturing process is completed, the product is sent to a third-party research institute for a second hand inspection for contamination of GMO raw materials. Once regulated and approved, a Non-GMO/GMO-free certificate is issued.

To clarify, companies that ask our company to product development do not have to worry about any GMO’s in any of our raw materials.